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Welcome to Gatekeepers Global Ministries, the apostolic ministry of Catherine Brown and her team / partners.

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    REACHING THE NATIONS ONE HEART AT A TIME GGM STATS SEP-DEC 2014 NEW TOTAL = 147,642 salvations (New salvations = 400)  CHURCH PLANTS NEW TOTAL = 118 (1 New Church Plant by Ap Daniel Byamukama, Uganda)  Burkina Faso (Rotimi Johnson)... Read more →

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  • Apostolic Grace: The Great Commission

    Free gift chapter from Catherine's new book, “Simply Apostolic” … available on Amazon NOW! Both in Kindle and paperback version. Simply Apostolic is an eye-opener into the often controversial world of apostolic ministry. Catherine Brown has written fearlessly and comprehensively on the topic of authentic apostolic ministry bringing cutting edge insight into the gift and function of apostles and apostolic ministry in the 21st century church. This daring book has been endorsed by respected senior leaders from across the globe. It clearly outlines valuable authentic Kingdom principles and practical protocols on apostolic functionality and takes the reader on an amazing behind-the-scenes journey to understand what it means to be a "sent one". This book is a profound combination of courageous articulation of biblical truth, sound doctrine, wisdom and practical experience written in a clear and unpretentious style. Anyone interested in advancing the Kingdom of God and understanding more about apostolic leadership will gain priceless knowledge and insight. A must read! Read more →

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The vision of Gatekeepers Global Ministries is to be part of a world-wide company of apostolic ministries, fulfilling the Great Commission and the two Great Commandments and obeying Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, care for the stranger, pray for the sick, visit the prisoner and to look after widows and orphans.

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