Isn’t it wonderful that we serve the “God of the second chance!”  I have been in Forth Worth, Dallas, Texas since I last wrote to you where I had the privilege of attending an international apostolic leaders’ conference where I made some wonderful Kingdom connections and thereafter ministering in several meetings. The meetings were life-changing for all.

One such meeting included ministering at a female prison in the FW area, where I discovered that the women are unable to go outside for the entire duration of their prison sentence. My heart was broken over this and I am still praying about how we can bring the feeling of fresh wind and rain to the women there.  If you have any ideas do let me know! We had the joy of seeing 9 women make commitments to Christ inviting Him to be their Lord and Saviour, while another 20 women made re-commitments to the Lord.  The Holy Spirit came so powerfully and the women were literally swept off their feet.  Words of knowledge flowed abundantly and the prophetic gift unlocked many hearts to the reality of the intimate knowledge of God in every area of their lives.  I intimated to the women that our dear Jesus had just planted a church in their midst and we set a lady in place to be the overseer, under the spiritual covering of Mrs Lucy Smith of Hope Literacy Inc.  Some of the women could not stop weeping as the God of “the second chance” poured Himself into them.  Young women with arms scarred from heroin abuse; older women tired of life and struggling; each of them found that God had use of them and valued them beyond words.

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