GGM Trip to Kenya

We also had a powerful and blessed time in Kenya (I will send out a separate report in the near future), but for now I extend my grateful thanks to our core team members – Emmanuel Sseruyange and Mary Kerubo, along with all of those who helped to pray and/or organise meetings.  You are each such a huge blessing to GGM ministry. We couldn’t do it without you!

Here is a short testimony from Pastor Nicholas Juma, who was one of the two main organisers of our meetings in Eldoret along with Pr John Okoth: Praise be to God that the GGM Leaders Conference in Eldoret was wonderful. We prayed for it, fasted for the turn out and indeed God answered our prayers. I have received many calls from leaders asking me to invite you again so that you could have the conference in Eldoret even for a week. Your preachings and Apostle Emma is the topic in town.” 

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It is always uplifting to read testimonies of God’s healing power.  Please enjoy this testimony from the USA about a dear sister healed from cancer: The testimony below is from my sister in Christ, Ruth Ann Phillips; she is also my first cousin. I have known Ruth Ann all of her life. She always had a pleasant personality. Since becoming a Christian, she has been a blessing to so many. Always talking about how much she loves the Lord, and what He has done for her. She radiates the love of God in her personal appearance, and when she talks about the Lord, you can sense the presence of the Holy Spirit. As I read her beautiful story about her conversion, and how the love of Jesus opened her spirit to the knowledge that miracles can happen, (and did for her), it touched my heart and I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit STRONG. 

I will end this e-mail with this: As I read the letter tears of joy filled my heart. I have read and heard many testimonies of healing but Ruth Ann’s as you will experience when you read it was most definitely from her heart, soul and the Holy Spirit within her. I am so proud of her, and blessed to call her my sister in Christ. It is my prayer that lives will be touched and changed by reading this from her, and that hope will come into those that are presently battling cancer. 

Most of all I am asking that everyone receiving this will agree with me in Jesus’ name, that cancer will be removed from many. Lord, heal those that have cancer, we know you can, and by faith we believe you will!!!!!! In the Master’s service, brother Gary L Williamson

How God Found Me:In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and given two months to live, this was in Zanesville, Ohio. I was appalled that a Doctor would tell me such a thing.  My reply was God and I will not accept this life-sentence that you have given me, only God knows when my journey here on earth is over. With that I gathered my files and went to Columbus, Ohio to James Cancer Center, this is where my journey with God began. I prayed like I had never prayed before. I always had God in my heart…but I had a hard time hearing him when He would try to guide me down the right path…but I noticed the more I prayed I could feel God’s arms around me…and I could hear His soft voice telling me to trust in Him and He will guide me to the right path. I started becoming more aware that God had entered my heart and soul….such as when my brother and his wife (Charles & Kathy Whyde) came to see me… we prayed….God’s spirit was present and just about took me to my knees. I was so overwhelmed to feel God’s presence….the warmth of His touch surrounded all of us…..HE WAS HERE…..IN MY HOUSE!!!!! Hallelujah….I felt His presence….so amazing.  

Later on a couple that I worked with stop by to pray with me, and the same thing happened. Then my cousin (Gary Williamson) stopped to pray with me….and it happened again…I can only say that Gary  brought God with him…His Spirit was so noticeable. As we prayed I got chills and then I got really warm from my head to my toes……Again ….HE WAS HERE….IN MY…HOUSE…Oh yes I am a believer and keep God in my heart now every second of the day. I had Chemotherapy and radiation for one year, ending in 2008. From then to now God has kept my test clear. I get tested every 3 months. I guess what I am trying to say is: The love of Christ can open your eyes and completely change your thinking about what matters the most. The love of Christ opened my heart and convinced me that miracles do happen…..I AM ONE—-In Jesus I am Ruth Ann Phillips. 

One last important thing to tell all: The week of my birthday God keep telling me it was time to be baptized, so with that: I was baptized on my birthday, September 12. Bless all of reading this and may your life be filled with the LOVE OFCHRIST.

Ruth Ann Phillips 

NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS****** NEW PARTNERS *** 

We are very happy to welcome a whopping great 32 new GGM partners for the month of March. We have many other new partners from our recent ministry trip to Kenya and these will be reported in our next update. We are delighted to welcome all new partners, and to welcome Botswana to our GGM partner base.


Bishop Tafireyi Chitsunge
Bishop Jephiter Maseta    
Pastor Abdon Bhunu        
Pastor Mike Mlanzi                     email not available at moment.
Pastor Ezekiel Zifungo                email not available at moment
Pastor Stanely Bungu                 Email not available at moment.
Pastor Doniyebo Banda             email not available at moment

Pastor Daniel Mayani      

KENYA (25)

Kindly receive the list of NYAMIRA DISTRICT. Today I was in Nyamira District where I held a meeting with the evangelists and pastors, those who have accepted to join GGM. Next week am going to  GUCHA DISTRICT, Kisii consist of 7 Districts, here are some of their e mails:


Please receive the list of Pastors who have accepted to join G.G.M in Kisii and Transmara regions those without email.

Pastors with emails
1. Rev. Haron  Mose Israel-
2. Pr. Thomas Okinyi-
3. Pr. Rose Moragwa –
4. Rosemel Nyabuto Pst-
5.Pst. Joseph Nyaboga-
6. Erick Sagero Pst-
7. Pst. Lerina Richard Kiptek –
8. Pst. Joseph Lerina Kiptek-
9. Pst David Kiptoo-

Pastors without emails
1. Pst. Mark Moseti
Pst. Dancan
3. Pst. Dominic from Tanzania
4. Pst. Rebecca Nyanchoka
5. Pst Mireri
6. Pst. Moses Yugo
7. Pst Mosomi Isaac
8. Ev. Dorca Onchabo
9. Jellia Ndege
10. Pst. Peter Mwita
11. Pst Cornellus Kiriama Momanyi. 

STATS ***********************************************************************


From Pr Philemon Asuga, Siloam Gospel Centre


Had to add that Sylivester Muthoka and sister Nekesa found their relationship with Christ last fortnight. Glory unto Jesus.

Pastor Asuga Philemon


From Pr Samuel Moses, Kisii Prayer Warriors International


Months of Feb and March Reports.:

Salvation =10 
Linet  Mbaka -23 yrs
Brisca mocheche – 35 years
Florance Mongina – 20 years
Lydia Morema – 17 years
Gloria Ayora  – 20 years
Idaa Akoth  – 27 years
Chris Achieng – 18 years
Elmelda Mbaka – 19 years
Stephen Manoti – 20 years
Henry Onchagwa – 30years

Divine Healings = 5. 4 from malaria typhoid and headache 1 Jane Moragwa was healed from breast cancer since she was married 4 years ago.

Again on 30th of this month we had a revival in my church attended by all prayer groups in Kisii the guest speaker was Carol Matthyse from South Africa an intercessor.  
Pr Samuel Moses, Kisii

From Pastor Nicholas Juma Ogago


Francis Juma, saved 32
Peter Kamau,  saved 26
Michael  Omaja, saved 38
Alice Adhiambo, saved 27
Robart Locoli, saved 35
Geofrey Chirchir, healed  27
David Ereng, saved   24
Jeska Auma, delivered  28
Dorcas kananu, delivered 30
Ruth  Degwa,  saved  43
That is my report  may our God of mercy stand with us in GGM  Amen remain BLESSED


From Pastor James Nthenge, Jesus Grace Worship Centre, Nairobi

Reached 20 people, one got saved, one miracle.

Miss Grace, 21 years in Huruma Estate, Nairobi attends church now.

One baby was brought in the church by her mother dying, mother crying, God healed her when I anointed her in JESUS NAME. I’m expecting mighty work in this Sunday service coming. Remember to pray for me. Amen.

From George Rono


I am doing great, been in a place of prayer, seeking the face of God and I feel renewed and empowered. God opened doors of opportunities and this last Sunday I preached in Bishop Mutuas church which is 80 kilometres from Nairobi. I took the microphone and immediately called for people who were ready to receive Christ in their lives. Three people walked in front all running! it was such a humbling, I heard from the spirit of God as I was seated that I needed to call for salvation before I preach something I had never done but when I obeyed God moved and there were tears of joy. I continue to trust God to see His hand upon my generation.
Be blessed in the presence of the Lord.

From Ap Catherine Brown and the GGM team


Kilelewsha, K3C one young man (name unknown)

Thika Women;s Prison – one young woman (name unknown)

Eldoret – Sylvia

Sub total Kenya =  salvations (26);  healings (7); Deliverances (8)


From Rev Umaru Koroma


We held a 3 days revival. Many were saved through the power of the Holy Ghost in March 20th 2011. By the special grace of God these are the names of those who were saved.

Uamru Koroma
James Kamara
Saidu Mansaray
Sia Lebie
Hawa Mansaray
Musu Kanu
Christiana Kanu
Yealie Conteh
John Mansaray
Mariama Jalloh

Sub total for Sierra Leone = SALVATIONS (10)


Ken Knowles, Awinjo House

Salvation (1) 

On Sunday 20 Mar. 2011 the Lord pointed out a woman in church to me and said that she needed help. She was Harriet Akoth age 32. She had 4 children and then her husband left her pregnant. She never went to school. She had no where to go and so came to Kasoli slum where she has a small cheap room and washes peoples’ clothes for a living. She is very poor and not in good health. Stella Nyadoi is her first born and since the age of 4 has moved about with aunts and been mistreated. She came to Awinjo House with just one dress and no underwear or shoes. She got saved 22 Mar.2011. She seems well behaved and helpful. She had malaria and syphilis which was probably not from sex but from dirty latrines.

Sub total for Uganda:  salvations (1)


From Bishop Peter Kaunda

Deliverance (1) specified ; healings (not numbered)

We are hosting a youth convention from tomorrow through Sunday.  The women’s conference went on very well.  There were a lot of deliverances and healing.  One lady who was dedicated to demons through a tatoo ritual carried out at a grave yard by a witchdoctor was miraculously set free.  And a lot of women went back released from various bondages.  We really thank God what he is doing.  Bless you so much.  Peter

Sub total for Zambia: Deliverance (1) healings 


From Ap Clement and Prophetess Doris Osaghaede, World Prayer Healing Ministries



Glory be to God as one of our member testified about how God delivered her from the pain she had been suffering from in one of her leg for a very long time. She testified that it was when Prophetess prayed for her she knew something great had taking place in her life and since then she had been able to sleep well without any pain.

One of our brothers in the Lord also testified to the goodness of God in the life of his family that since last year God has been good to him, he testified that last year March God gave him new job, and this year God added to his family by giving them a bouncing baby girl.

Glory be to God Almighty as he restored back a family to the house of God. A brother testified on how God brought him and his family back to the house of God. He also testified that God of possibilities had made all that seems impossible in the sight of men to become possible in his life.

Sub-total for Republic of Ireland – Healings (1)   


From Francis McFaul, GGM Worship Leader


3 meetings held so far in Kilmarnock, Sanquhar, Thornhill with further meetings planned for Dumfries, Moffat, Cumnock, Walockhead and Leadhills.

1 healing; 2 re commitments; 2 salvations 

From Evangelist Bruce Rose and Street Church Team


Street Church Testimonies. 2/4/11

Our first in a new run of Street Church was a huge success last Saturday in Hunter’s Square in Edinburgh. Pastor Eric Jarett, his wife Joanie and their 3 boys led our 1st official Street Church. Joanie led Worship and I am sure we will all agree it was a powerful time. Eric then shared a short Gospel message followed by a time of prayer for Salvation and healing. I saw someone come forward for the first time on the street when Eric gave a ‘street alter call’. The man came to the front, received prayer and Eric lead him to the Lord. A lady who had a hearing problem was prayed with and she said she felt better. I prayed with a guy who felt he was not worthy having been in and out of jail and led him to the Lord. All in all there were 5 people (that we know of) who came to know Jesus. We had a group of Goth’s behind us who were not happy that we had taken ‘their’ spot but once we had spoken to them they softened. Many other great conversations were had too and more seed sown for God’s Kingdom. 

3 people who were spoken/ prayed with at Street Church were invited to Encounter Church, Missoni Hotel, Edinburgh and they turned up for the service on Sunday. Amen 

Our next Street Church is this coming Saturday from 2pm till 3.30pm and every Saturday following. We are always looking for musicians and Christian drama, hip hop, drummers, dance and ……….????? again please contact me if you or your group are interested.

 Believing God for Revival and taking the Gospel to the streets. 


PARTNERS at 31.3.11

Africa (16) – Benin, Botswana, Burundi, DRC, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

China – South West

Hong Kong

Europe (2) – Scotland, Republic of Ireland

India – Andhra Pradesh, Nadu

Fiji Islands – Suva

Philippines – Cebu city

North Korea

North America – California, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Hawaii,

Peru – Trujillo

Papua New Guinea


May I take this opportunity to remind our partners to ensure they return their APRIL stats to us at by end May 2011. You can back-date your returns, so long as you provide names (where possible also the ages) of new converts, details of church plants etc. 

If you country is not yet a partner nation and you are interested in co-labouring with us in the GGM 7 million