It is helpful to view things through a different lens from time to time. It always amazes me how our children can view their physical surroundings so differently from adults.  They see details that we occasionally miss; they have a fresh and dynamic approach to their surroundings that is inspirational. They are resilient, hope-filled and view a huge rain puddle more as an opportunity for fun rather than a potential soggy-sock disaster to be avoided. Hmmm, where did I put my wellington boots …

During the period of extended rain and dull grey skies we began to wonder if we would ever see sunshine again and feel the comfort of the warmth of sunshine on our chilly bodies! It occured to me that delay in our lives in respect to waiting for promises to be fulfilled, or circumstances to change to the glory of God, can sometimes have much the same effect as continuous rains and dark ominous rain clouds.

A Testimony of Delay that Turned to Delight

When I was in New England last year I prayed for a young woman who had been trying to conceive.  She and her husband were believing God to move in miracle-working power in their situation but a good deal of time had passed with no little one to hold and several heartbreaking miscarriages.  When I met Mona I felt faith rise in me for her situation and compassion filled my heart. I prayed with her, laid hands on her and commanded the barrenness to be broken and life to come forth in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  It was a poignant and powerful moment where our faithful God moved.  I just received a testimony this week from Mona’s friend sharing that Mona has recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy.  We give God all the glory for the wonderful news!

Mona’s testimony really touched my heart; she and her husband are such an example to us that delay in the time-line of God’s sovereignty and divine plans for our lives does not mean denial. Our God is inherently kind and good and His promises to us and our children will come to pass. Let’s stand together in faith declaring breakthrough over our lives and our families for the glory of God!

As we approach Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit pour the gift of God’s grace, glory and love in, to and through each one of us.

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Yours because we are His,


NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS *** NEWS****** NEW PARTNERS *** 


We are delighted to welcome the following three new partners to our GGM family this month:


Bishop Samuel and Vick Imori, Agape Spiritual Life Ministries, P.O.Box 8144, Arusha-Tanzania.


Pastors Jeremiah and Roseline Nimely, Living Waters Fellowship Church and International Disciples Training Academy, P.O. BOX 1779, 1000 Monrovia, 10 Liberia, West Africa


Janet Matthews, Seaton Methodist Church, Devon

STATS ***********************************************************************


Read the full update


From Ap Patrobal Sikuku Mukenya


During Easter session we had a crusade which started on Good Friday up to Easter Monday and the following are the souls that came to Jesus:

1-Mary Njeri, 22years        2-Tom Omondi 28years       3–Robert Wafula    19years          4–Evarline Juma      42years            5-Anna Okoth    24years                     6-Clatwel Nafula 32years    7-Sarah Njeri          17years           8-Julius Otieno         15years            9-Mary Mutuku     17years                 10-lynus nyongeza 13years   11-stephen kamau  25years           12-lyda Nguki          22years            13-hellen mutoni 24years                      14-Chrisandrews  27years.  

We thank God that all those people are still in the church. In this month we are having to house evangelism  therefore pray with us. We have also seen in the church people are coming to give they lives to Jesus so the report am going to send this month is going to be with many names ,we thank God
Yours Apostle Patroba Sikuku Mukenya

From George Ron


“Thank you for yours, trust you had a great weekend. I did too, ministered in two churches and one open air meeting, it was great 54 people came to the Lord in the crusade, Glory to God!”                                                                                                                                                     

From Pr Nicholas Juma 


 Miss Mary, and Pr Nicholas Juma (far right) 


Sammy ndure 35 saved; Jane Languen 28 saved; Onchiri  26 saved; Paul mwangi 37 saved; samson KIPRONO 29 SAVED; vitalice Lerumbi 30 saved; lilian nyasala saved 29

That is my  April report thank God for touching this souls Amen NICHOLAS JUMA OGAGO ELDORET  KENYA



Two weeks ago a young man from xxx University, who was helping out at xxxx, received Him! We had just eaten dinner with the children and Fuson was getting ready to go home when I heard Father ask me to share the Truth with him. With my very limited Mandarin, his limited English, and my simple stick figure sketching, we discussed the greatest story ever told. He was so happy to listen and then to open his heart. What an awesome moment! I know Father is going to use Fuson for His purposes.


From Bobbie and Sarah Cuenca, Apostolic Ministries Full Gospel, Lapu Lapu City


Dear Catherine,
All Glory belong to Him who love us and died for us. First I will say God open the door so that we can share the gospel of salvation to the scavengers and tricycle pedal bike drivers. Fifty pedal drivers and fifty three scavengers. Since our venue is small we do it at two places. One at the drop in center for the scavengers with there children and one at the dumpsite for the pedal drivers with there pedal bikes and some bring there family.


We started with Prayers then Praise and worship led by Pastor Joy and we share to the poorest among the poor family the greatest gift Jesus our Lord, salvation was simply preach and the pedal bikes and the scavengers responded to receive the Lord Jesus. Praise God the heavens rejoices for the souls that receive the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior. WE ARE SO OVER JOY. Jesus saves and the gospel is for the poor. One hundred twenty accepts the Lord.

The scavenger and pedal bike drivers are so thankful. Above all they are very interests to hear the good news. We decided to do the bible study every Wednesday start 1:00 p.m.  Next Wednesday we will have another bible study with the scavenger and pedal bike drivers. We pray that they will grow in the Lord and in the Word. We have ten bibles that We use the pedal driver to read in the bible studies.  After the bible studies they ask if they can have the bibles. We give it to them and 140 bibles are still needed.


From Pastor Ken Knowles, Awinjo House Ministries, Tororo


Mama Florence is a real blessing to this ministry. She fasts and prays 2 to 5 days a week for the ministry, and is planning to fast the month of May. Things are changing as a result of her prayers. Many of the older kids went to the hospital to pray for the sick on the 3rd and 21 people got saved. That evening we worshiped for a long time and the Holy Spirit came and even little girls were praying seriously.


From Jessica N Bass


“Dear Catherine,

I also meant to mention that my friend Mona, the woman you prayed for at the New England Prayer Center, is with child! She has been wanting to get pregnant for years and has even experienced miscarriages, but she is carrying now and is doing quite well! To God be the glory!!”

Latest update – Mona gave birth to a beautiful baby boy!


From Ev Bruce Rose


Street Church was great yesterday with visiting African Worship band were fantastic. Passers by loved the African/ reggae Worship and Douglas shared a great Gospel message. 11 people heard the Gospel and when ask if they wanted to ask Jesus in their lives they said yes. 1 girl asked Jesus into her life later that day too. Revival Worship was held in Dunfermline last night and we had an intimate time in God’s Presence. More Lord. TYJ. (29.5.11) 

Great day at Street Church and John 3:7. 9 people saved. Bruce McEwan also ran the Edinburgh half marathon today and carried a John 3:7 sign with him. Bruce said he had a very positive response during the day and managed to share the Gospel with 5 people. Well done Bruce. (Have just read that Bruce shared the Gospel 5 times while he was running!! He also managed to pray for a woman’s knee half way round.) Go Bruce. TYJ! MORE (22.5.11)             


Great day today at Street Church. 4 salvations and again many great conversations. Spoke to one women who said she would come to Church tomorrow. One couple walked straight up to Eric (who shared the Gospel today) and said ”how do I get converted?” Eric led him to Jesus. New follow up process in place today – worked well (thanks Margaret). 4 saved during John 3:7 outreach. I left early to be with Mandy so well done Bruce McEwan, Tim and David with John 3:7. (15.5.11)

PARTNERS at 31.5.11

Africa (16) – Benin, Botswana, Burundi, DRC, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

China – South West

Hong Kong

Europe (2) – Scotland, Republic of Ireland

India – Andhra Pradesh, Nadu

Fiji Islands – Suva

Philippines – Cebu city

North Korea

North America – California, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Hawaii,

Peru – Trujillo

Papua New Guinea

May I take this opportunity to remind our partners to ensure they return their MAY/JUNE stats to us at by end June 2011. You can back-date your returns, so long as you provide names (where possible also the ages) of new converts, details of church plants etc. 

If you country is not yet a partner nation and you are interested in co-labouring with us in the GGM 7 million souls mandate please email