jesus took the children in his arms and blessed the m


I hope to be in Uganda at the end of August to minister with Ap Emmanuel Sseruyange at his 6th Annual Prayer Altar Conference. Please do pray for all aspects of our Heavenly Father’s provision for this trip. If you would like to make a donation you can click the paypal button on our home page. further details of my ministry programme will be available nearer the time.

May our God of Glory bless you as you continue to share the message of His grace in the nations.

Yours because we are His,

Catherine Brown, GGM Founder/Director; Co-Founder, Scottish Apostolic Networking Enterprise

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Bishop Fredrick MulamaLutta, Beth-even Gospel Ministry,  4916-00200, Nairobi,  Kenya

GGM STATS ***********************************************************************



From Pr Philemon Asuga, Siloam Gospel Centre, Cord

Salvations (2) Deliverance (2)

Thank you very much for prayers.
The crusade did not sail through instead we had indoor conference where two people got saved, two who were demon possessed were delivered and one special case the pastor said many preachers had gone in the church but she was never slain in the Holy Ghost, but this time she had God’s visitation; She was not only slain but she remained on the floor communing with God after all had gotten up.
Glory to God in the highest. Pastor Philemon Asuga.


From Pr Nicholas Juma, Redemption Life church, Kamkunji



Caris    18 delivered; Jane   37 saved; Rosmary Anyango  32 saved; Anne Njeri  healed  45; Mary Atieno  28  saved; John Okello  47 saved; Alice Owino  healed; Caroline Waria  saved

That is my June report though we are passing through hardship  but our God is always faithful  and enable me to reach people with his word.

Pastor Nicholas and the church members in Kamkunji.

From Ap Richard Kerandi, Iranda


Receive much greetings in the name of the Lord. Here in Iranda.  l can see God doing miracle and saving a lot of people. Two people were saved one is Sabina Kwamboka and Elmelda Moraa. Who were saved from alcohol. Pray for them always so that they don’t backslide.
May the good Lord bless you and continue to pray for us.
Always Apostle Richard Kerandi.


From Pr Samuel Mose, Kisii Prayer Warriors International, Kisii


April/May Resort From Pst Mose
Last Sunday in our service 4 received Jesus as there Savior,
1 Samson Getange=32; 2 Letmda omweri- 21; 3 Elmelda Bwari=41; 4 Queen sabina -24;

Selestine Keengu was healed from epilepsy i will send the picture  to you,

ON May 3 we had a Night Vigil In Kisii Prison Chapel Attended by all Churches Several people gave their Lives to Jesus those who gave me there names and ages were 10 only .
1. Evans omurwa =33; 2 Steven Makworo – 24; 3 John Orwoba=45; 4 Sabina okeyo=23; 5. Keremensia Obonyo=26; 6 Orembe Chacha=40; 7 Serenei Kiprotich=33; 8 Ronny Koech=27;
9 Stephen momocha=42; 10Alelei Songik;    Several others were healed of there diseases and infirmities we praise the Lord for that.
Thank you,  Pst Samuel Mose


From Pr Jacob Ombwayo, New Hope Church, Maseno


Shalom mum, God has been reminding me about the days that we live in, its time of Him raising up apostle as His heralds with boldness and declaring the message from the King’s throne without fear. God is raising you mum beyond your expectation. God is also connecting you to people who will stand with you in prayers and also with their money and resources so that the ministry of Apostle in you may affect the entire world. We had a good Sunday service and 6 people were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The following people got saved in the service, Kelvin Musumba and Wicliffe Angoyia age 15 and18 respectfully.

Shalom Mum, we baptized the following people on Sunday of 26th June 2011 after proper teachings and discipling them. They are new believers in the Church who got saved between January and May.

The  2rd young man by the  name Fred when he came from water he spoke in tongues for the first time since he got saved early March, and he was trembling and shouting halleluya to the Lord. After the baptism. We shared a cup of tea with them and had a short fellowship. Mum we have the assignment of preaching the word baptizing those who believe and making them disciples, am happy and proud of G.G.M because these is the driving force behind the ministry and its the great commission from our Master the Lord Jesus Christ, mum we cannot hide away nor pretend or postponed the assignment given to us by the Lord. These is the time and its today. shalom


From Bishop Patroba Sikuku Mukenya, Bethseda Worship Centre

Salvations (14)
Receive our heart greeting in the name of our lord and savior Jesus christ,we are fine ,we love you,you are always in our prayers your teachings has helped us,here are the report of last month we had 14 new converts the following are there names
1.Slyvia Omondi  age 35; 2.Karen Oliech            31; 3.Beatrice Adhiambo   26; 4.Vitalis Oduor               19; 5.Eunice Akinyi               21; 6.Norah Werunga         37; 7.Helen Wangui            21; 8.Cathrine WAnjiru         30; 9.Irene Atieno                  29; 10.Milka   Mwangi            19; 11.Victor Otieno               22; 12.Felix Wanjala              25; 13.Susan Onyango          31; 14.Faith Wairimu              36
This are new converts we will be forwarding for you the report of this month pray with us this month we are going to have ladies meeting on 30th-31st ,also will be having outreach on the last week of this month ,on 15th I will be having a meeting with pastors who are partners of GGM thank you, we love you, we are willing and ready to carry your vision.
yours Bishop Patroba and Sarah


Ap Cleophas Makona, Return to Jesus Christ Ministries (Mission to Pokot)


Find attached pictures of the ever long mission trip I have ever traveled, I traveled over 3,500 miles in total by road.

maasai moran

Masai Moran

Some photo’s shows how life is in Pokot, they just live in bushes, drinking water is a problem as you can see the well. We planted three house churches in all, mostly we did house to house evangelism, due to lack of PA -System to have open air outreach, which is every necessary.

transportation 2

The new three churches planted are in Pokot–Kishaunet–35 saints,Masai mara—23 saints and Nairobi–Eastliengh —19 saints.

But all in all, the mission trip was so promising for the future  churches in this remote communities. As a ministry we are lacking only 2 speakers to complete our PA-System for outreach meetings. This  month as I told you, we are praying and believing God for  provision for Mombasa mission trip to plant there one more  church in the Muslim community. Our God is so faithful. Really harvest is plenty, but labourers few. In these generation I believe God as a mandate for us to reach SOULS for His glory as His vessels.
In His service, Cleophas and team.

Sub total for Kenya: 3 church plants; Salvations 125


Bishop Samuel and Vick Amori, Agape Spiritual Life Ministries, Aursha

We are doing fine Catherine, it has been my cry that God will open doors for you to come and minister to us in TANZANIA.

Let us hear from you,  I was in Zanzibar to plant a Church there, and the saints are meeting under a tree, please pray for them that God will open a door for them to manage to elect a Temp Structure which they can be using for Church services.

Let us hear from you according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Thank you and May God bless you.  Sam and Vick Imori.

Sut total for Tanzania: 1 church plant 



From Pr Martin Ngollah, Harvest Vision Ministries, Kampala


The work in Kampala is going well and the Harvest Vision Kibuli fellowship is sending out people locally and to other areas in Uganda to evangelize, strengthen existing churches and help start new church families. The church family is striving to save enough money to make at least a down payment on a property so they will no longer have to rent from the school and not be limited by the school hours and programs. We are thankful and blessed that the school has allowed us to use their facility during the start up of the new church family.

The poultry project has been started and the chicks are getting bigger and healthier. This will provide a lot of stability to the ministry, especially because of the hard economic times in Central Africa. Pr. Martin and the team are building a working relationship with a Christian brother in northern Uganda who may be a coordinator for that community. We would then provide sound and video equipment to the church families in that area that the coordinator would over-see. Likewise, Billy is still working at the successful start of the poultry project in eastern Uganda which is very difficult because of the raising prices of all commodities mostly affected by the high costs of fuel and transportation. The radio broadcast in Eastern Uganda town of Tirinyi is stimulating a revival in the area and we are prayerfully considering the start of a Harvest Vision church plant in that town. Also, the medical outreach is just now becoming a reality. The DRC medical clinic has received a donation of some medical supplies including a blood centrifuge and glucose meter which they have been really praying for.

Our Kenya coordinator was recently married and besides the outreaches he is coordinating, he is also working with a ministry to provide pastoral over-sight in Kisumu. Marcos, our Rwanda coordinator, is working with contacts from the Africa Faith Missions bible college in Kigali to organize evangelistic outreaches into the outlying areas. We are replacing the first of the two sound systems in Burundi, Evariste and his team has been very active in working with the local schools and plan to maintain that focus even during the two months the schools are not in session. Four of the eight outreaches in June were students gathering at stadiums and 365 of the 805 people coming to salvation in that month were students.
The Lord bless and keep you in faith as His second coming draws close.

Your brother Martin.


From Evangelist Daniel Kiremura, Lampstand Ministries, Mityana


We were able to register the ministry in April and the Certificate was achieved. We were not able to go out to preach the gospel but were able to tell 15 people about Jesus and all responded positively.


From Pastor Ken Knowles, Awinjo House Ministries, Tororo


There is a famous evangelist in Uganda named Pastor Robert Kayanja. He is also noted for signs and wonders. He came to Tororo on the 11th through the 15th for a crusade. About 2000 people per night are raising their hands to receive Jesus and the lame are throwing away their crutches, those born deaf and dumb are hearing and speaking, and the blind are seeing. Pastor Kayanja is always giving glory to Jesus, which is refreshing. Catherine (above) seems to have been touched by God and is smiling and seems somewhat normal. The presence of God is here with power that I have not felt before. A Muslim man took off his Muslim hat and said “God forgive me.” A Hindu man was seen with his arms raised. A woman whose legs were paralyzed tried to get up and fell down several times but finally she walked. A woman with severe cancer who was almost dead and could not eat or walk was completely healed. An insane person was totally healed. A huge goiter disappeared instantly. A young man that crawled on his hands and knees got up and walked. Thank you Jesus!! Please pray for those who really got saved to get planted in a good teaching church and to somehow get Bibles; and for the churches to teach sound doctrine and Godly character.

The baby Isaiah has been very sick. We have taken him to the only decent hospital and to three different clinics. He has had a lot of different medicines and is scratching his face and digging off patches of skin. Two doctors said he had brain damage. He has lost a lot of weight and weighs only 8 pounds at 15 months of age. He cries all the time and puss is running out of one ear. According to Dr. Bob he might have leukemia, meningitis, encephalitis, or hepatitis, but the doctors here do not know what to do. Please pray for a miracle for Isaiah, or he may die soon. His picture is to the left.

On 15 May 11, Papa Joseph found Sandra Falan at Pastor Kayanja’s crusade. It was raining hard and Sandra was fainting and falling down in the water. She was shivering and cold so we took to Awinjo House. She was not very communicative while she was here and it was plain that she was severely traumatized and has some demons as well. She prayed a prayer of salvation while here. 

While working with the police we found out about a boy 5 years old whose mother committed suicide and his father moved away. John Bwayo was staying with his grandmother who has money, but does not want him and may have been abusive. John came to Awinjo on the 24th. He is very quiet and fearful, but curious and loves mechanical things. He is going to Salvation Army Nursery School.

Annette Megaga is a widow with four children. She is the sister of our neighborhood witch doctor’s wife and was staying there. She and her children are showing signs of malnutrition. She is ever smiling and has a wonderful attitude and looks you right in the eye. She got saved while here and we gave her money help her start a business and get a house away from the witch doctor. She had two pans and 4 dishes – that is all.

Sub total for Uganda: Salvations: 2822 


From Ap Philip Musandiri, Kingdom Life Ministries, Harare


Thank you mum, here is the number of people saved here in Zimbabwe.

Number of people saved——55 souls.

Mum pray for my family we need to start an income generating project of making candles and supply them to shops and supermarkets. We need at least US$150 to start and use as capital.

Thank you mum.

Son, Pst Phillip Musandiriri.

Sub total for Zimbabwe: salvations 55 


From Ap Mario and Sarah Coello, Ambassadors Per Net, Trujillo





betty coarouira miranda 26 save,




Sub total for Peru: Salvations 6 


From Bobbie and Sarah Cuenca, Apostolic Ministries Full Gospel, Lapu Lapu City


Dear Sister Catherine,
attach photos CHURCH is the 78 young people who receive the Lord and now we planted a youth church  at drop in center. Every Sunday we worship the Lord and need bibles so that they can grow in the Lord.

This are pedal tricycle drivers one of the poorest among the poor that hear the Gospel and now attending bible studies needs bibles so they can grow. 227 bibles needed and the cost each bible is $3.00.
Thank you for all the prayers, Robert

Sub total for Philippines: 78 salvations; 1 church plant 


From Lynn Yee


Winn is really good friend from my schooling days who stopped believing in God 18 years ago.  Upon my return in March, she told me she’d just started attending church again with her husband and her parents, and was turning back to God.  She’d been trying to start a family, but they’ve had problems.  She had a fibroid surgery last year, and was scheduled for another surgery to remove a polyp on 30th May.  I met up with her husband and her and we had a fruitful time of prayer in which I believe there were breakthroughs.

3 days later, Winn’s mom called and asked if I would visit her dad who was in hospital for depression and pray for him!  I’d never worked with old folk before, neither have I had much experience working with depression, so I really relied on the Holy Spirit.  For the first half hour, “Uncle” ranted and raved about how terrible his life in the hospital was and how he was better off dead.  I felt to speak God’s truth and love over him and as we did that, he began to calm down and allowed us to pray for him.  The atmosphere in the room gradually shifted as truth penetrated his heart.  I shared God’s love with him and he agreed to praying the salvation prayer and receiving Jesus!  After praying, he described himself as feeling “lighter” and said that his heart has become “new”!  I didn’t think we would get such a breakthrough that day, but thank God for “Christ in me – the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27).

7 weeks later when I got back to Scotland, Winn emailed me to tell me that her surgery scheduled for 30th May got cancelled, because she found out she was 6 weeks pregnant!  Praise God for breakthrough!  Truly He is a God of miracles who desires to pour out His glory today.

May you too be blessed to release the presence of Christ within you into the lives you meet daily, for He is the hope, the light and the freedom that people in our world need. 

Sub total for Singapore: 1 salvation 



From Ap Clement and Prophetess Doris Osaghaede, World Prayer Healing Ministries for April/May 2011


We thank God for what he is doing in his house and in the life of our members. To the Glory of God, six people were baptised by IMMERSION in April.

One of our sister in the Lord testified to the goodness of God in her family, how God healed her son after Apostle Clement prayed for the son that was sick. She explained further that she was about calling an ambulance before the spirit of God said to her to call Apostle, and after Apostle prayed for him, the boy began to play and his temperature that was high before was back to normal.

Also, a brother testified to the wonderful things that God has done for him and his family, He said after he received deportation letter, and there was a time Apostle gave them words of knowledge and prayed that the government will grant his status in the country before June 2011 and to the Glory of God, his status was granted to him in the month of May.

We thank God for the increase of the church as two of our sisters gave birth.

During our all night service for the month of May, Prophetess declared the visitation of the angels of God in our midst, and some days after that, one of our member testified on how the angels of God visited her in her dream. What a mighty God we serve.

Praise God, four of our members were ordained to the office of Deacon, Deaconess and Ministers. Glory be to God.

Sub total for Ireland: as above 

PARTNERS at 30.6.11

Africa (16) – Benin, Botswana, Burundi, DRC, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

China – South West

Hong Kong

Europe (2) – Scotland, Republic of Ireland

India – Andhra Pradesh, Nadu

Fiji Islands – Suva

Philippines – Cebu city

North Korea

North America – California, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, Hawaii,

Peru – Trujillo

Papua New Guinea

May I take this opportunity to remind our partners to ensure they return their JULY/AUG stats to us at by end Aug 2011. You can back-date your returns, so long as you provide names (where possible also the ages) of new converts, details of church plants etc.

If you country is not yet a partner nation and you are interested in co-labouring with us in the GGM 7 million souls mandate please email