The Rich Young Man

“Jesus looked at him and loved him.” — Mark 10:21

Nine Leadership Principals

One of my favourite lines in Scriptures is this simple verse where Christ looked at a young man and knowing he would reject His message still Christ chose to love him. Jesus spoke with the nameless man of Mark 10 and told him he lacked just “one thing.” In this instance the man was unable to give up his worldly wealth. It was not that money was the core issue i.e. it wasn’t his possession of money that was his stumbling block to entering the kingdom.

Rather his primary issue was that the money was more important to him than a relationship with the living Christ. The money had possessed his heart to the extent that he could not give ownership of his heart to Christ. He valued the possession of money above all things, and critically, he valued it more than God himself.

The money could have been any issue – any other worldly possession: a relationship, a circumstance or any other possession or idol that stood between the man and God. It would benefit each of us to take a moment to think – is there any “one thing” that could be standing in the way of our being fully Christ’s?

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