Kingdom Building: Releasing Vision & Developing Leaders

Kingdom Building: Releasing Vision & Developing Leaders is a book that will envision emerging leaders and equip existing leaders to step out in bold Kingdom ventures with the Lord.

“Kingdom Building is a much needed resource for the advancement of the Gospel. Catherine Brown has given us a tool that will help many people take God-given visions and bring them to reality. This is no easy task because we often get stuck on one side or the other. That is, we have a genuine vision and maybe even a strategy from Heaven, but we don’t have the discipline or know how to see it come to reality. Or, we try to build the Kingdom with worldly tools only, which reduces the end result to man’s best efforts and not divinely orchestrated vision.


“This is a wonderfully practical book that melds together Godly values with our best efforts to bring forth Kingdom strategy. It challenges us to lay a true foundation for realizing vision by nurturing the right heart attitude with God and our fellow ministry partners. Then it builds on that solid foundation with straightforward and accessible principles and guidelines. May visions be realized; May leaders be developed; May God’s Kingdom Come.”
– Rev. Wesley Zinn, Wellspring Church

“Knowing and working with Catherine for the last seven years, I have always found her to be inspirational in her ability to flow with the Holy Spirit, clear in her prophetic delivery and bold in her apostolic anointing. Her impact on our pastors and Church leaders network in East Africa has been phenomenal and God has used her to bring encouragements and direction to many. I see this book as coming from the right heart and person, and I trust that it’s a tool to Church leadership to be Kingdom minded and agents of transformation and change within their communities and spheres of influence.”
– Bishop Arnold Muwonge, Director, NDE-Network