Miracles & Mayhem: The Ministry of Families

Stories about God’s grace for loving a prodigal child without limit will help parents learn how to demonstrate compassion in difficult situations. You will be blessed as you enjoy Catherine and Stephen’s journey and spiritual insight.

miraclesandmayhemForeword From “Miracles and Mayhem”

“I have known Catherine for a number of years now and her friendship has been a great blessing. Whenever we meet the conversation turns very quickly to speak about the Lord and the Kingdom. There has never been a time in meeting with her my life has not been enriched and yours will be as you read this book and hear her heartbeat.

Catherine’s new book is like every meeting with her – “A breath of fresh air.” We all have so many “stuffy” Christian books on our shelves but this is not one of them. This book is alive with real life – the life you and I participate in every day. We discover on every page “Kingdom living” illustrated in the simplest fashion from the lives of an ordinary family who live life knowing they have an extraordinary God. The natural habitat of the Kingdom is not behind the walls of some great cathedral but in the rush and stress of everyday living. This “born again” life under the reign of God becoming the norm for Christian family living – living not according to the world system but according to a life style where the “Throne of God” is set up in the midst and His Kingdom established not only in the hearts but also in the middle of the mayhem of what is called family life. This family have captured and practises these principles.

This is a book for all the family – everyone will glean something from reading it. Who will ever forget Samuel? Why should it be extra-ordinary for Jesus to come to play with you? Why should it not be the case for our children to bring us prophetic words…? There are so many instances in the book which we would count as supernatural which in a Kingdom life should be perfectly normal. Be prepared to be surprised.

In reading this book I have enjoyed revisiting some Kingdom principles and putting then into practise in events that are taking place in my life at this moment. You will do the same. This book at times will have you smiling, other times weeping – it will touch all your emotions. It will have a profound effect on you life and the life of your family – if you let it. It will give you principles for every situation incurred in family life and give you a sense of hope that will allow you to bring miracles out of mayhem.”

Pastor Bert McKaig


Dr Heidi Baker, Director of Iris Ministries writes, “Catherine’s book is heart warming. You will be challenged, touched and encouraged as you read about her family. Stories about God’s grace for loving a prodigal child without limit will help parents learn how to demonstrate compassion in difficult situations. You will be blessed as you enjoy Catherine and Stephen’s journey and spiritual insight.”

Eric DelveRevd Eric Delve, Chairman of Revival Fire Conferences writes, “Don’t buy this book if you want a God that is safe, predictable and cosily locked up in a box only to be opened on Sundays. Don’t buy this book if you want to feel safe in your daily life from a God who invades the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.

However, do buy it if you long for the reality of a God who can come into the chaos of family life and speak to you through ordinary everyday incidents, like a 5-year old peeing on the floor, or a little daughter who has decided that she doesn’t want to change the old year for a new year, but would rather stick with the old. If you want a God who talks to ordinary people and shows them extraordinary things and uses them to touch a hurting world with healing grace, then do buy this book. You won’t regret it.

I am proud to call Catherine Brown a friend and honoured that she regards me as a spiritual father. Reality rather than religion, prophetic action rather than predictability, brave heart rather than boredom – Catherine has made the choice. She’s not perfect and she knows it, but she knows a man who uses the imperfect top roduce the extraordinary. Buy this book and read it – you’ll never regret it.”

John, Maria, Caleb and Josiah O’Brien, Sheffield, England write, “After talking to you about the book I thought why didn’t I think of it before by why not read the book to the children! They loved reading about Samul’s exploits and they listened avidly and were keen to hear what happened next. Josiah and Caleb really related well to all the things Samuel got up to e.g. cutting the caterpillar in half and I don’t they have laughted out loud or related so well to any other story. We had such fun reading it together. Our family all thought it was a great book and would be good for adults and children to read, that it would provoke people to see God in a different way and help the adults to be more childlike and also to see more of God through what their children did and said.”

Mary Southerland, Journey Ministry writes, “With solid Biblical truths and a winsome transparency, the journey of Catherine Brown beautifully illustrates the truth that the bottom line of God’s heart is a changed life. Catherine’s journey is testimony to an extraordinary God who longs to fill every ordinary moment of life with His power and peace. “Miracles and Mayhem, the Ministry of Families” is a must-read for every member of every family. You will laugh, cry and walk away longing for more.

Catherine & Stephen BrownSteve Shultz, Elijah List Ministries writes, “I might as well be honest. I’m jealous when little children get to talk to Jesus. But I’m also glad. Because while children get these experiences, it’s also about me and my experiences with Jesus. Because I too am a child – Just an older and bigger one. Armed with many lies from my own father, I had to learn – and am still learning – to no longer believe my father’s lies. He went home to be with the Lord in 1991. When I see him someday, I expect the first words that will come from his mouth are: “I’m sorry.” I’ve long ago forgiven him, of course. But sometimes his words keep working their work. So know this. This book is about families and it’s about children – and that makes it about you. I make changes every day in my life. Yet I have to keep going back to the WORD in Scripture, and the old song, “Jesus loves me, this I know, For the Bible tells me so.” Maybe it’ll take this book and a few more years but you’re going to understand it. Both for yourself and for your children. With that in mind, please read this book. I promise you this. You will be helped in your family relationships. And God LOVES families!”

Jessica Miller, Elijah List Ministries writes, “Catherine is not just another person to meet – she is someone you experience!’ In the same way, her book is not just another thing to read – it’s a touching reality check about God wrapping Himself around the everyday life of a family! You’ll discover new joy, courage and confidence that God is truly holding your family in His arms of Love.”


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