GGM is involved in working with our partners in micro projects all around the world. These include agricultural (provision of seeds and fertiliser); education; various projects with children/orphans; equipping of leaders/believers through provision of training materials, seminars, conferences; outreach to prisoners and many others opportunities as we are able. Partner with us today and sow a seed to bear fruit in the nations (donate by Paypal or other means as outlined on our home page)





We previously worked in partnership with Geoffrey Kungu, the Director of C.O.P.E (Coalition of Prison Evangelists) to provide for some of the female prisoner’s practical needs such as underwear, sanitary protection and toiletries for the women prisoners and vitamins for the children. We delivered our first consignment of humanitarian aid to the prison during a visit on Monday 30 November 2009.  We were also able to gift copies of Bibles. We returned to the prison in April 2011 and it was a joy to meet the women and prison staff again. We hope to expand the type of aid we can bring in both in volume and scope.  


We have been involved in pioneering a beadwork training programme in Thika women’s prison. Our first project in Thika was in partnership with COPE Kenya, which commenced on Saturday 17 April 2010.  The women were taught introduction to bead work to make baskets and were trained by a lovely Christian lady, Faith Copek. Approximately 17 women were part of this initial start-up programme.  

Our first beadwork training project in partnership with COPE has now come to an end.  We thank Geoffrey and his team for all of their hard works and efforts to bless the women of Thika and pray God’s blessings on their on-going prison ministry throughout East Africa.  


Our project in Thika women’s prison is presently on hold.  Once we secure more funding our intention is to train more women in practical skills that would provide them with an ability to create an income stream when they leave prison. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your continued prayers and support to make such future projects possible.