Dear fellow leaders,
During the last seven years I have had the privilege of founding and co-leading the Scottish Apostolic Network and as you are aware we recently celebrated our seven year anniversary. It has been a joy and an honour to serve alongside anointed men and women of God as together we have sought to effectively model apostolic ministry and to raise the profile, language, functionality and understanding of apostolic ministry in Scotland. I am grateful to those with whom I have served on the core team over the years recently with Gary and Kim Carter and previously with Jim Ritchie, Gordon Cowan and Bert McKaig. I appreciate those who have ministered and given input at our conferences and round tables including Andrew Owen, Jimmy Dowds, Gordon Stewart, Gordon and Lynn Lyons, Steven and Helen Anderson, Joe Ewen to name but a few and several apostolic friends from ICAL/ECAL. I also thank others who have also journeyed with us and hosted us including Dr Joe and Cynthia Ibojie, Emma and David Stark and Lukas Njenga. We have met many remarkable five-fold leaders and we are humbled by the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom purposes together.

During this time we have made new relationships and strengthened existing ones across the denominational streams and the market place. We have travelled around the nation sharing in conferences, round tables and in one-to-one’s with leaders from across the five-fold spectrum. We have modelled, taught and preached what it means to function apostolically both from the perspective of the individual leader and from the corporate identity of the church. We have sought to be both a resource and a bridge reconciling those who have viewed apostles and apostolic ministry as irrelevant, unnecessary or unhelpful. We have facilitated and collaborated in apostolic round tables and we have consulted with leaders from many streams in open forums and in consultation and in building the Kingdom together. We have provided forums in which apostolic leaders from our nation can connect and collaborate.

The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us that everything has its time and I concur. Just as it is essential that we comprehend the kairos timing of God for new beginnings it is equally important that we understand when a season or an assignment comes to an end. If we do not recognise this we run the risk of missing the momentum of God’s catalytic and forward movement for transformation. At our recent consultation I intimated to the leaders present that I felt the Lord was asking me to step down from my present position as the pioneer of the Scottish Apostolic Network. We discussed potential ways forward receiving many positive contributions concerning the good fruit that has been brought forth during the last seven years. However, at this time it is apparent that no one is able to step up and take on the role of continuing to build the network. It would seem that the Scottish Apostolic Network has fulfilled its important role in laying a foundation for apostolic networking in our nation. It is my prayer that God will continue to raise others with whom we may build upon this foundation albeit in new sustainable ways. Our relationships will continue to be the conduit by which God will continue to propel us forward into our corporate apostolic destiny. We recognise that the Scottish Apostolic Network is one strand of a multi-faceted apostolic expression in our nation and we bless God for this. We will continue with our Facebook on-line presence for the time being and will keep you informed of any relevant changes concerning the way forward.

From a personal ministry perspective I will continue to lead Gatekeepers Global Ministries where myself and our team are kept extremely busy with our apostolic mission in more than 36 nations and cities where we are committed to advancing God’s Kingdom and building together with our partners.

It remains for me to once again thank you all for your support, friendship, involvement with and in the Scottish Apostolic Network. May God continue to bless you and cause you to be a blessing. 
Together for our King!
Catherine Brown
Founder/International Director, Gatekeepers Global Ministries
Co-Founder, Scottish Apostolic Network