The vision of Gatekeepers Global Ministries is to be part of a world-wide company of apostolic ministries, fulfilling the Great Commission and the two Great Commandments and obeying Jesus’ instructions in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, clothe the naked, care for the stranger, pray for the sick, visit the prisoner and to look after widows and orphans. We invite you to partner with us in the harvest as we preach the Gospel, cleanse the lepers, drive out demons, pray for the sick and raise the dead in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.Our vision embraces the five-fold ministry offices, raising up the next generation, moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, evangelism and discipleship/training and equipping, mentoring and church planting/creating Kingdom communities in culturally relevant settings. 


Gatekeepers Global Ministry (GGM) is an non-denominational Christian ministry, led by Catherine Brown, who is assisted by a team of volunteers and global partners. The ministry is accountable to a Council of Advisors.

GGM is committed to:

  1. Fulfilling the Great Commission with a global mandate to preach the Good News of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God until the Lord returns.  
  2.  Living by the two great commandments in order that God’s love is the only motivator of all ministry and mission.
  3.  To reach out to those who are hurting in the healing love and power of Christ Jesus.
  4. To unity through relational networking and partnership with churches, prayer networks/ministries, and other Christian/ mission organisations who love Christ and His kingdom.
  5.  To embrace the whole church across all age groups, gender, denominational lines and through all areas of social and cultural strata.
  6.  To preaching the Good News to the Jewish people.  
  7.  To discipleship and maturation of believers. 
  8. To embrace and make known the Father heart of God and the love of Christ.  
  9.  To mentoring and spiritual parenting.  
  10.  To honour the Holy Spirit and receive and nurture His gifts to use in servant love.
  11.  To live by the Spirit and surrender to the transformational process of character building to become more like Christ.
  12.  To remembering those in need in accordance with Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 25.